capillary hemangioma

capillary hemangioma

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  • Capillary hemangioma — Classification and external resources A small hemangioma of infancy ICD 10 D18.0, Q …   Wikipedia

  • capillary hemangioma — 1. the most common type of hemangioma; most are composed of closely packed aggregations of capillaries that are separated by scant connective stroma and conform to the caliber of normal capillaries. According to one classification, strawberry h …   Medical dictionary

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  • hemangioma — /hi man jee oh meuh/, n., pl. hemangiomas, hemangiomata / meuh teuh/. Pathol. See under angioma. [1885 90; < NL; see HEM , ANGIOMA] * * * Congenital benign tumour made of blood vessels in the skin. Capillary hemangioma (nevus flammeus, port wine… …   Universalium

  • hemangioma capilar de la retina — Eng. Retinal capillary hemangioma Ver angiomatosis retiniana …   Diccionario de oftalmología

  • hemangioma capilar palpebral — Eng. Capillary hemangioma of the eyelid Tumor vascular benigno constituido por la formación de pequeños capilares. Tienen tendencia a regresar en los primeros diez años de vida y no precisa tratamiento, excepto aquellos casos que causan ptosis y… …   Diccionario de oftalmología

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  • Hemangioma — A birth irregularity where a localized tissue mass grows rich in small blood vessels. Capillary hemangiomas are composed nearly entirely of tiny capillary vessels. Cavernous hemangiomas are composed of blood filled "lakes" and channels …   Medical dictionary

  • Hemangioma, capillary — A type of hemangioma (a benign tumor formed by a collection of excess blood vessels) that is composed almost entirely of tiny capillary vessels. Capillary hemangiomas may be located anywhere on the body but they are most common on the face, scalp …   Medical dictionary

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